Champions: The New Guardians

Lions and Tigers and....Redcaps? Oh My!...


Rydia, the rogue steward.

Campus life is complicated...

Patricia ‘Patty’ Lawrence

Getting the band back together...

MT returns to town.
Learns that Solar has been active solo against VIPER while he was gone.
Discovered through street investigation that VIPER has set a trap for solar that day and heads off to help his former teammate.
Solar walks into VIPER trap at museum, engages agent teams and MT arrives to help.
Mid-battle surprise reunion, then one of VIPER’s paranormal hires(a magician) uses a summoning mirror to call out a demon.
Demon engages heroes in pitched battle while agents fire away.
Heroes change tactic and break/destroy the mirror, shattering it and causing a rift/explosion.
Demon is unanchored to plane now, and is pulled through the rift but 2 other figures fly through it as it is closing.
DA arrives looking disheveled and unkempt, finally free of the dimensional trap the rift opened a hole into, along with unfamiliar face MA as well.
VIPER and mage are quickly routed, transport under fire from solar which causes unexpected crash in front of building.
Ripper tears free of wreck, quite berserk from the crash and explosion, and a four-on-one battle summarized by the words ‘collateral damage’ ensues.
Ripper ultimately defeated and turned over to PRIMUS agent Akira who is pleased to see the familiar faces after so long.
Contact methods exchanged, the group retreats to compare notes, fill in some blanks, and catch up on what has happened in time gone by.


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