Hello Everyone!

Our group has been running in Champions on and off for over ten years now. As such we have a lot of events and history that have shaped the campaign world into what it is today. The 6e release coincided with a soft ‘reboot’ of several items in history for continuity’s sake and a short timeskip of 3 years which lands our hero’s back in the middle of all kinds of events and other goings on. The Wiki section will include relevant details on the original content we have used, as well as our changes and take on the published content as well when appropriate. The Adventure log will chronicle the adventures from the timeskip onward, earlier events will be reffered to in the wiki articles and character bio’s. It is my hope that this site will help my own group keep things fresh and straight in their minds, and also be interesting or entertaining to others who may or may not stumble upon us here.

Champions: The New Guardians

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